Your cake will be presented in a box and you are asked to make sure you are happy with your cake before it leaves our premises.


Hold your box flat from underneath and do not tilt or squeeze it whilst taking it to your vehicle.

The box should be placed on a flat surface, either in the front foot-well or the boot – never on a sloping back seat! Drive with care…..

Once home, please do not store your cake in the fridge as the fondant is liable to sweat and the colours may bleed. Keep it in its box till needed preferably in a cool, not cold room.

A sharp knife is necessary for a clean cut of your cake particularly for a chocolate fudge cake

Any leftover cake can be wrapped in clingfilm and should keep for 4-5 days

If there are modelled characters or offset pieces on your cake, they may well have cocktail sticks, pieces of spaghetti or flower wires in them. You will be informed if this is the case but it's your responsibility to remove these prior to eating your cake


* Should you for any reason be unhappy with the quality of your cake, please inform us within 12 hours or sooner if possible. The cake should be returned in its container within 24 hours to be assessed by us.